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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Spinelessness - A beach spider

A very quick post from me today, I've spend the weekend at the first Genetics Otago postgraduate retreat. Which was here:


Obviously, the meeting was mainly about talking with members of the most conspicuous vertebrate species on earth, but I did get a couple of chances hunt out some spineless creatures. My favourite has to be this guy, one of a few jumping spiders I found on saturday morning, sunning themselves on rocks high up on the beach:


The jumping spiders (Salticidae) are absolutely my favourite spider family, it's almost impossible not to anthropomorphise their huge round eyes and swiveling heads. Thankfully, once "my" jumping spider had calmed down he turned around and posed for me.


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Posted by David Winter 11:59 AM


Sneaky! There could have been a group-bug-hunt!

*sigh* wasted opportunity.
I can think of very few things less likely to work than 25 geneticists stomping around looking for bugs on a beach...

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