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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sunday Spinelessness - The Pollinators of Vancouver 1

Not much time to write today, so let's make the photos do the work! I was really taken by these signs during my recent visit to Vancouver:

That one is form Stanley Park, but there were others around the city and each of them was in-front of a little roosting box made for the the native mason bees. As you can read on the sign, or at the organising group's website, the boxes are part of a project including schools and the community in maintaining these important pollinators. I didn't get any photos of the Blue Orchard Mason Bee these boxes are designed for, but am probably the only preson to have left the University of Bristish Columbia's expansive Botanic Gardens with ten times as many photos of insects and plants. Here is another of Vancouver's native pollinating bees, I'm pretty sure it's Bombus bifarius (it's definitely a bumblebee)

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