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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Spinelessness - Now tell me spiders can't be cute

Today is going to have to be another photo-centered Sunday Spinelessness, after I managed to let most of my Sunday slip through my fingers between sleeping in and catching up on work. Still, this is a particularly cute photo so perhaps a shortage of words from me is not great loss:

The subject of this photo, a jumping spider, might look like it's staring away into the middle-distance. In fact, it's calculating. Most spiders are very shy and retiring, and at the first disturbance of their hideout they'll retreat to some dark corner and hide there until the coast is clear. Not so the jumping spiders, disturb a jumping spider and, likely as not, it will walk towards you and start to consider you as potential meal. They really remind me of puppies that are yet to learn they are much smaller than the big dogs, and any fight they pick with them isn't going to end well. This jumping spider seemed to think the camera wasn't much of a threat, so went after yet bigger game an jumped on to me:

After a while spent patrolling the knuckles and the base of my left hand it became clear nothing very much was going on, so the jumping spider lived up to its name an vaulted off in search of something more interesting while I cursed my inability to take a decent shot of it one handed.

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Posted by David Winter 5:29 PM


I found a lovely Dysdera crocata walking across my wool fadge of grass clippings today but did not have a camera. It looked cool against the beige coloured fadge. Brendan Moyle has posted about it on Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings on Sciblogs
Ha, now thats one spider no one is going to call cute...

I've only ever seen one, which made its way into our bathroom. Didn't get any decent photos because it wash the middle of the day and very harsh light. But Brendan's are pretty good!

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