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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Spinelessness - Playing favourites

As long as I've lived in Dunedin, the Otago Museum has a run an annual wildlife photography competition. I never entered a photo, because I go through exactly the same process every year. I look back through a years worth of photos and start picking out some that I like, ending up with a list of about ten, which then needs to be whittled down to two entrants. I agonize over the whittling process for about five minutes, then reason that there's no chance of me winning anyway so forget about it. There really is no chance of me winning, but some of the better photos get included in an exhibition, and it would be a thrill to have the spineless properly represented. So, this year I'm going to 'crowd source' the whittling process. Here are some photos that I like, at the bottom of the post there is a poll - vote for your favourite and help me decide which ones to enter!

First off, a couple of photos from my run-in with a wasp nest.

The only good wasp?


One from my trip to Vancouver and Portland

Another angle

And finally a couple form Christmas in Vanuatu (I sound like some sort of globe trotter with all these exotic locations - I was very lucky in 2010)
Hadda beetle
Crab spider

And the poll (by the way, does anyone know a nicer way of putting a poll into a blog, keeping in mind about half of the people reading this blog do so at sciblogs, the other half at blogspot):

Which Photo should I enter?

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Posted by David Winter 7:15 PM


Went for the emerging wasp, it's a nice composition and has a story to it (even if one doesn't know _your_ story, there is an innate, timeless one in the picture), but I do like "The only good wasp" too, only I'd do some image processing to it (like bringing more contrast and yellowish hue to the body of the wasp, without burning out the background). Hope you'll make it to the exhibition!

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