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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All the media!

Oh, hi there. Yeah, it's been a while h'uh? Just been crazy busy lately you know - one thing after another with manuscripts and datasets to analyse, then I got a whole bunch of lab reports to mark. We should totally like, get back to writing/reading about science though. I'll put something up in a bit and...*

So, things have been a little quite here lately. That wasn't a plan to have me an that ridiculous hat up on the front page for a few weeks - just the result of having little spare time. As it turns out, a few things that might be of interest to readers here have been published over that fallow period, here's the links:

I guess to complete the set I'd need to make a TV appearance, though I can't see that happening!

*For people with whom I've had exactly this conversation lately - it's true, I have been busy, I am a terribly friend and we will catch up soon!

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