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Friday, August 14, 2009

Quickly change firefox proxy settings with ubiquity

I really like the Firefox add-on ubiquity because it delivers the future that science fiction always promised we'd have - you type in a few simple English words and the computer (or at least the browser) does stuff for you. So, if you are reading an article that mentions one of my very favourite fossil genera Ambulocetus and you want to know a bit more about it you only need to highlight the name, type alt-space to bring up ubiquity then type 'wiki' to see a bunch of links to articles in wikipedia:

Ubiquity recently changed the way it deals with user-written commands so when I updated I lost one of my favourites, Julien Courveur's proxy-set command for toggling firefox's connection settings between a direct connection and various proxy settings without the massive imposition of four mouse-clicks required to do this via the menus. So I rewrote if for the 'new' ubiquity, this is what it looks like when it's working

If you visit this site with Ubiquity installed it will ask if you to want add the set-proxy command.


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