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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stand Back, we're going to try science blogging

You should know about the Science Media Centre - they're the good guys when it comes to getting the science behind big stories like H1N1 flu and climate change into the media (and when it comes to helping scientists and reporters to talk to each other). As of tomorrow (but you can look at it now...) they're going to behind a new venture - a clearing house for a whole bunch of New Zealanders blogging about science.

There are some pretty big deal blogs contributing to the project - Ken Perrot will continue to antagonise people that dare to deal in "bafflegap" and Gareth Renowden and Bryan Walker's excellent Hot Topic will be syndicated as well. Along side plenty of other bloggers that will be talking about the importance of science in tackling the big problems that face New Zealand's economy and ecology you will be able to find my occasional compositions - from now on you can also read The Atavism at this site. While you are there you should check out a few other kiwi evolutionary bloggers in The Chicken or the Egg and BioBlog.


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