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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Spinelessness - You don't know the trouble you're in

A scene from the garden. On the left, the New Zealand Praying Mantis Orthodera novaezealandiae. On the right, a hover-fly that doesn't know how much trouble it's in.


(for those interested in the final result: the hover-fly flew off; the mantis lunged, but missed)

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Posted by David Winter 4:22 PM


And your puppy is living on a farm out in the countryside. No dear, we can't go visit him.
Oh pete, you're such a skeptic!

(I clicked through to your profile to make sure you were that pete, and thought for a second you'd rekindled your blog. In fact, it's just been almost exactly two years since it was left to go to seed ;)

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