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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A two bird race

You are running out of time to cast the most important you will have this year - who will run your community be voted Bird of the Year for 2010? This year I stepped up an offered my services as campaign manager for the the bellbird, and frankly i've done a terrible job. With nearly 9 000 votes cast the korimako has 51, or about 0.05% of the electorate's support. I'm sure this at least parially because Forest and Bird didn't include my completely unoriginal campaign logo in their post:

There, that got to be worth a vote or two right? I think it's all a bit late for the bellbird this year, because the poll has already become a two bird race. These are the standings scraped from the Forest and Bird site last night:

You can click to embiggen this graph, or click here to see a slightly different one

So it's a head to head battle between the Pukeko; a multinational entity which shills for one of the country's worst polluters, and the Kākāriki; a bird whose very name means green. Obviously, the bellbrid campaign still values and wants your vote, but if you can't make the korimako your bird of year, then we urge you think green!

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Posted by David Winter 1:46 PM


I voted for the bellbird. Shame on you for touting business for those flighty greens!
Well the bellbird is the best, but if the political reality is a battle between the pukeko and the kakariki I know which I'd rather!

(it seems to be getting even tighter at the top)

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