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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Spinelessness - A fly in the bee garden

Just a couple of photos today.

We planted a bee garden this year - Borage, Phacelia foxglove and a couple of other plants that are known to attract honey bees and and their bumbling cousins into the garden:

The "bee garden" has worked - there is hardly a moment during the day when there isn't at least one bee making it's way around the little patch of garden. I'll show you some photos of them soon, but today I wanted to share a much smaller creature. A tiny fly perched on the leaf of a chickweed (Stellaria):

I'm terrible with fly taxonomy (or flylogeny if you'd rather) - I like to think I can at least get most of the spiders and insects I encounter down to the family level (roughly equivalent to successfully identifying myself as a great ape). With the exception of a few groups - crane flies, robber flies and hover flies,  I get nowhere with flies. And so it is with this one, all I can tell you is that it's small (~3mm) probably from group called Schizophora. And that I quite like this photo.

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