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Friday, May 25, 2012

Selling out to the mainstream media

The other week when I wrote that post about a poorly reported story in Stuff's new science section I emphasised that I really thought it was important that news sites with a large and non-specialist audiences did a good job on science. I was pleased that the people behind the stuff story took the criticism on board, and amended their story.

They also asked me if I'd consider offering my on analysis of science in the news from time to time. Being of the opinion that its always better to do something about a problem rather than simply complain about it, I happily agreed. Here's the first piece to appear, a quick summary of the recent result that coffee isn't killing you and might even be prolonging your life.

I was prepared for a barrage of comments amounting "what does some evolutionary biologist/bug nerd know about medicine", but so far everyone that's taken the time to write something has been very supportive!

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Posted by David Winter 2:41 PM


Nice work, I can sleep safe at night knowing Science Boy is still out there...
Yay! Nice work, definitely a worthwhile cause and you are the perfect person for it :) look forward to reading more.

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